Ronnie Paul Lopez


Ronnie Paul Lopez is an experienced REALTOR and BROKER at Tree Realty, LLC, Ronnie has helped hundreds of clients and investors buy, sell, lease, market, and renovate varies homes in the Austin area.


Prior to opening Tree Realty LLC in 2013, Ronnie worked as a general contractor and flipped hundreds of homes. His good eye in seeing potential expensive repairs has come in handy while buying and selling real estate. During his experience flipping homes, the "curb appeal" became a major driving task for him. His love for real estate aesthetics has allowed him to become an expert in renovations, stagings, market analysis, and investments. His thorough research, market knowledge, and aggressive marketing methods have allowed him to become one of the fastest sellers. His greatest satisfaction is finding the best deals for his clients and investors.

When Ronnie isn't out helping his clients, or working meticulously at his Round Rock office, you can find him at the gym, or at BBQ cookouts with his family.